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Committed to Growth through Exploration, Acquisition and Development.


Shallow Production

The majority of the oil and gas produced in Kansas and Northern Oklahoma is obtained from wells that are less than 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) deep. Shallow production means relatively low drilling, completion and production costs. Trans Pacific passes these savings on to the investors, which ultimately results in greater net income.


High Success Ratios

A long history of drilling in the Mid-Continent means there is an abundance of geophysical and geological data to utilize in exploration and development. Trans Pacific has developed an extensive proprietary database of seismic, core data, gravity, surface, completion and other information that gives the company a scientific advantage and historical perspective not available to most competitors, which increases our chances of successful exploration.


Few Cultural or Governmental Conflicts

The long history and wide distribution of oil and gas production across the Northern Mid-Continent has made most of the rural population and state regulatory agencies familiar with oil and gas operations. The government and citizens in this area know the benefits of exploration and production and generally work cooperatively with the oil industry to develop the region’s resources. These conditions, when combined with Trans Pacific’s experience and reputation, make oil and gas exploration and production in this area an ideal investment for those seeking consistent returns.